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Another trip to the track...


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I'm at a loss for words right now...I'm pissed, frustrated, don't understand, etc. I have officially determined the KR is definetly false. Zippy sent me another tune addressing the KR, and it still showed up, it has to be false. Further, I ran both the old tune and the new one, and I ran consistantly the same times...matter of fact, I was slower out this time than the last time. Temps this time were high 70's low 80's, last time they were high 60's. I also allowed my trans to get up to operating temp, but the 1-2 shift still sucks. I didnt have time to get the shift kit installed yet, but I really cant believe its going to make a .3-.4 difference. I also cant understand why everyone with a TBTC is getting far better 60' times than me. I should easily be a 2.0 60' truck with my stall...what gives? I dont know where to begin...At least this time I got scans of three of my five runs and two videos I hope to post by tomorrow...


Run #1 New tune 8:45PM


R/T .419

60' 2.181

330 6.190

1/8 9.523

MPH 74.41

1000 12.386

1/4 14.840

MPH 91.47



Run #2 New Tune 9:23PM


R/T .602

60' 2.212

330 6.237

1/8 9.585

MPH 73.97

1000 12.461

1/4 14.919

MPH 91.43



Run #3 Old Tune 10:12PM


R/T .395

60' 2.230

330 6.260

1/8 9.607

MPH 74.19

1000 12.470

1/4 14.920

MPH 91.68



Run #4 Old Tune 10:37PM


R/T .313

60' 2.235

330 6.267

1/8 9.616

MPH 73.89

1000 12.494

1/4 14.954

MPH 91.31



Run #5 New Tune 10:51PM +1 passenger (That explains the slower time on this pass)


R/T .191

60' 2.212

330 6.288

1/8 9.673

MPH 73.39

1000 12.566

1/4 15.040

MPH 90.71

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swapping tunes in and out like that may not be helping. after talking to Frank and Zippy they told ,me it takes about 150 miles for a tune to fully adjust itself to your truck. I dunno how long you waited before you went to the track but if it was immediatley drive about 150 miles or so and take it back and see if any improvements. As for the other estuff dunno. I am 2wd and only have CAI, tune, Yank 2600, Zippy shiftkit and I am running those times not being able to get off the line and your AWd so that shouldn't be an issue. :dunno:

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Ok...now that both me an the truck have cooled down...I've started trouble shooting starting with the simple stuff. I pulled my plugs and wires, as I was pulling one wire, it fell off the plug in my hand. I looked at it and the plug boot crumbled right in my hand! The connector inside was covered in white powder corrosion. The end of the spark plug was covered in corrosion as well. So I checked the plug and it was good after cleaning off the wire connector tip. I'm installing the spark plug back in along with a stock plug wire and heading to summit to buy another set of wires and new plugs. Going to swap them all out...see what it does. If the plug wire wasnt even making contact or properly seated, shouldnt it have tripped a misfire? Or was the cylinder maybe only detonating partially as a result? Also, could this contribute to the KR? And now, if that cylinder wasnt fully firing, I wonder how much raw fuel has been sent through the high flow cats and how they look inside...I might be onto something here. I'll let you guys know what I found out.


P.S. Video posted in video section...

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Right there is your problem. You were running on 7 cylinders dude. I had the same thing happen with my Impala. Put the 410s in it and headed to the track. Was running 14.6s before. Get to the track and I can't get out of the 15.0s... I'm like WTF....... Go to Bry to get rid of the hypertech and get the custom tune in there and have him diagnose it, he hears a miss. Tells me to check the plugs first then the wires for voltage. Check my plugs and one of them had a crack in it. Changed out all the plugs and headed back to the track. Was running 14.3s to start and once I learned how to launch went all the way down to 14.0s..... All because of one plug!!!!

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