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L92 Rockers same as LS1-7 ?

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are you doing the swap?



Well im rounding up all the parts I need, then I will get ur done!

Projects in hand before that swap are


Belltech drop

Headers went with OBX stainless good for the money and magnaflow muff

LS2 intake and 90mm tb

Vortech polished supercharger kit install with air water intercooler kit

and by then should have all the parts for the L92 head and intake change

oh forgot the shift kit and servo's

and yank 3000 stall

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I just got finished talking to a guy who was firing up this swap, he ran into problems and more time without his truck. What are your goals?? Plan out what you want as a finished truck, it is difficults to get the best of both world and get it all runnning right. I would rather have a simple plan and let the tuner get the computer strightened out than try to do it all...to be honest L92 require some thought when you start to pick out what cam is going to work...just trying to make it work!

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Ya a little extra work to see the difference but what are we talking about a few bolts on the intake and some fuel lines ect


Not quite, you need water pump work to clear the car style intake, wiring work for the 90mm throttle body, possible relocation of the tensioner, plus the fact that you can't go back to the LS2 stuff once you go to the L92 heads and L76 intake (since they don't fit each other). So why even waste the time?

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