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been in the hospital

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had a really bad case of pneumonia of my right lower lobe. had it since last tuesday night (the night before i did my exhaust) and my truck's been parked ever since i did it so i haven't even been able to enjoy my exhaust. Either way, i was diagnosed on that friday after a chest x ray and was put on some really strong oral antibiotics after an injection (in the butt, ouch!) to kick start the process. Sunday night i wound up in the emergency room for some respiratory treatment, IV drip and some IV antibiotics and sent me home around 1 in the morning. By tuesday i still hadn't improved so they admitted me into the hospital. I had to get bronched which is a procedure where they stick a tube up your nose that goes down into your lung to suck everything out. This part will make you guys proud, the sedative they used normally only takes 1mg maybe 2mg to take a grown human down, it took them 6mg for me and i still wasn't completely down so i remember some of the procedure but nothing traumatic. anyway, ever since the procedure my health began an upward trend and they finally released me today!! i still have to take it easy and can't be goin out or anything and let me just say, it feels like i've been hit by a ton of bricks and that there's literally a monkey hanging on my back, i feel so weak. I've also lost a lot of muscle (10 lbs. almost) either way. I'm home now and on my way of recovery. Hopefully i'm back to the plate in a week.

just wanted to share my story, sry bout the long post, it's just been a crazy two weeks for me.

ES :flag:

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Hey Buddy

I'm in Iraq and we got trained on how to give those NPA's (Nasal Pharengiel Airway) or Bronched as you called it. We had to do it to each other and man does that suck I know how you feel literally. Just lucky you had to do it cause your sick not because you we're told to. Go Army.

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welcome back, good thing you took care of yourself, that's some nasty sh*t. My buddy had it once, and it rocked him real good, then a couple years later he got run over by a steer at a highschool rodeo, and collapsed his lung, basically same story, he was down for a while from that one.

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