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wtf track times


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i went to the track i have an 03 ss with a flowmaster catback single muffler dual in dual out and a k&n fipk intake and i ran 15.5s and 15.4s all nite the best run was a 15.389 2.23 60 foot it seems so much faster to me i had a 250lb passenger too what can i do i need a faster truck

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Hate to say it but in the summer heat that sounds about right. Adding a CAI & catback won't by themselves make the truck perform any better than stock, you need to get a good PCM tune and that will put you well into the 14's.


I'm going to state that in different terms -


The FIRST mod recommended is to do what you must to eliminate torque management, meaning install a converter + shift kit + Vette servo + PCM tune; all that with some weight reduction will put the truck (with what you've already got) in the mid-14s, or about 9.2xx in the 1/8th (assuming your truck is like mine '03 AWD SSS). Plus. with the basic tranny mods properly addressed you have a good base to start pouring more heat into the fire (engine mods).


Mr. P.

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Yea, don't sound like bad times to me especially w/ the pass in there. All SSS's I've seen run are in the mid 15s in stock trim.

same here i think the fastest SSS times i've seen run in the 14.8 - 15 range

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