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Not that anyone here on THIS forum needs these, just thought you guys could relate :lol: I've rediscovered an OLD folder of mp3s, these are radio comedy shorts from about the mid-90s and I always bust a gut over them so I thought I would share. They're anywhere from 1-2 minutes long each.


Be Manly, and Good Day!

Mr. P. :)


uh oh, you're late for work

freezer repairman


the male nurse

condom nicknames

drunk pickup lines

reunion with veterinarian

the locker room

the unmanly dream

talker on the airplane

ex-wife and your young friend

the newlyweds

ghost stories

horrible airline food

self-gratification euphemism

girl with a corvette (dated, but still funny)

playing army

terminating a relationship

the company picnic

the french poodle (for sprayed99!)

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