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which tires should i go with


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im looking to get an ultra high performance tire that wont screw me over if i get in an accident. last year that happened in the rain and it was "my fault" i slid out in the rain because i didnt have all season tires. so basically what is the best performance tire i can get that insurance wont cry about.


i was looking at the toyo proxes st. i actually found a set on craigslist on the cheap but theyre 305/50/20 and i dont know if that will look too big with my drop. although i do want meatier tires than my 265/45/22


ps im getting the new tires for my black ss wheels :devil:

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are you getting 20's or 22's? you mentioned two different rim sizes so that sort of matters. unless your trying to tuck your wheels and you have like a 3/5 drop or more then the 305's should loook okay with the right backspaced wheel.

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