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well i need some help from you guys again. lately as the weather is getting better i have had the windows down all the time. my problems is, is when i go to roll them up they are sooooo slllooooowwwww. at first i would shut the car off then bring them up and i noticed they were slow, so i though maybe my battery is low so i would turn the car back on to raise them. but still very slow. they go down perfect just up is a problem. idk what it is. could the tint cause enough friction so make it go that slow??? last summer i didnt have this problem. any help would be needed, i dont wnt to be stuck and the windows wont come up.

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When my buddy got the front windows on his Tahoe tinted a couple years ago he began to have the same issue. It's now been a couple years with the tint on and they are still doing the same thing. From the beginning we both figured that was the problem, so I would have to say that the tint is causing that.

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