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How Fast?

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I burried the needle a couple of times, enough to follow a WS6 trans-am at the same speed past the speedo for couple minutes. Also played around with the bikes...


My guess is 140...but I can go even faster It just doesn't take the curve the same way than my camaro did :ughdance:

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I think with the gears it theoretically can reach 174 or something like that.

I remember it was Mr.P who brought it up.


Just because it's geared for it doesn't mean it can do it. My gut tells me that with F/I 150-155 is a more realistic ceiling; that's my guess. On the hood lifting, the problem is that air likes to enter between the headlights and the front brow of the hood, so as the air piles-up under there a difference in pressure develops and the front edges of the hood jump around. One of these days (yeah right) I want to experiment with putting rubber weatherstip under the front edge of the hood to keep the air out. I personally have not logged any runs, but I several times have had the truck shift into 4th gear at WOT and keep pulling, so that's 126-mph plus some - call it 130 I guess; the interesting part is that I was passing about 40 bikers at the time, I was hurrying to get around them before the passing lane closed :D


Mr. P. :)

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