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Replacing Mirror


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I want to replace the drivers side mirror with one I just bought from a fellow forum member. The one on the truck is not the original. It look like the previous owner broke the stock one and replaced just the lense but the replacement does not have the turn signal lights and the the arm that moves it from side to side is broken so I can only move it up or down electrically.


I bought an electric one with the turn sigal but it does not have the puddle light so I need to know how I can replace the top of the mirror without replacing the puddle light? Can I remove the two halves separately? I looked in the "How Too" section but could not find any directions for removing the mirror.

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Here are some pics of the mirrors:


Passenger side mirror with turn signal and puddle light:



Puddle Light:



Drivers Side mirror looks to have been replaced with a non-turn signal mirror plus the retractable plastic piece that moves the mirror is broken.



Here you can see the broken tab:


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In order to get the mirror that had the turn signal and also the puddle light I had to take apart both mirrors and combine some parts. That required the removal of the door panel too so that I could work on them better. It would have been easier to just go buy another mirror that was electric, was heated, had the turn signal and also had the puddle light.

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Working on those stock mirrors is a pain in the a**! I ended up putting on a set of the StreetScene mirrors painted-to-match that came with the heated and turn signal option. StreetScene, I don't think, offers the puddle lamps yet. Before I added my current mirrors I priced factory replacements at the dealer. Mirrors of a Denali or luxury Tahoe with the signal-heated-puddle lamp option, at the time, were like $475 each side. And I would still have had to paint the mirror cap to match my truck. The good news out of all of this was the I discovered that most, if not all, of the wiring need to power these options is already present from the factory in the wiring harness in the door, even if your truck didn't come with those options.

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