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99... aaaaand 100


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This will be my 100th post... Which is scary because I definately don't remember saying that many things on this forum... Oh well... The good thing is that now I'm able to post pics of the truck, so I'll show you all some before and after from my accident...


Next stop: 1000.


See you all when I get there!

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You could have posted pics of your truck with 1 post.



True 'nuff, but now I can host them on the site. I don't have a photobucket or anything and I'm really not interested in starting one... So this works out the best for me...








Quit harshing my mellow! I'm trying to celebrate!

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from one Masshole to another, congrats on your 100th. and yea, it would be cool to get some pics of your truck, but honestly, this is one closer to my 1000th!!!


j/k bro. I live in Boston (Brighton) so anytime you hit eastern Mass, hit me up.

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