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looks nice. i was looking under my hood any thought i want one, but i looked at the space between the throtle body and fan shorud. i dont know how it would fit without cutting the shroud. do you have anymore pics, i would like to see it. if you could please pm me

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whoo got the corsa today when i came home :thumbs: got it on tonight and it looks great!

went for a drive and sounded really nice at WOT. it is quieter then I though it would be at regular speed, but i don't mind at all i drive too dam much anyway :chevy:

have my 160* stat too but i think i should wait tell my tune, what are you guys doing?

my biggest debate is if i just get my tune now which I could handle or wait abit for the dynotech headers? my over all thinking is to wait on header and more tell a get another daily driver.

heres some pic anyway :thumbs:







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you did good by picking up the corsa & the 160*Thermo, now if you're gonna add longtubes...dynatechs in your case, i would get them put on and THEN add your tune, the tune is gonna bring everything together and you'll be one happy camper

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Everything looks really nice. Did you happen to take the truck to the track in the stock configuration? If so, do you plan on taking it out to see if there is any difference with the bolt on's?


I have been looking at exhaust as well, and I'm glad to hear it's not that loud at cruising speed.



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