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Red SS vs Blue SS...


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My buddy has a blue SS and he is interested in some performance mods but wanted to run me to see the difference....I beat him by about 2-3 truck lengths from a dig...and pulled on him on every roll...we rolled from 30, 50, 80. I think he is sold on some performance upgrades :driving:


Thru first gear on the dig we were about even..then shifted into 2nd and I stayed in 1st longer and pulled...he was in 3rd when I was in the middle of my 2nd. I told him a good place to start is the only mods I have: CAI / Exhaust / PCM Tune.

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you failed to mention when the birch silver vmax came blowing through the middle of the 2 sss. haha had to throw my thoughts in there...good race


but why were you going backwards?




cuz Mr. T said so.

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nice comeback i thought i had all comebacks covered...haha oh well...it sucks i am waiting to mail out my custom tune to get it redone so i am stuck at 98mph or whatever stock is set at..

i haven't got a tune yet so i'm still stuck there too.

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