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bumper install


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i took my bumper and trailer hitch off last night to get a head start on my roll pan i plan on installing in july or aug. I put my bumper back on and now the drivers side seems low and not close enough to the bed...i pushed up as far i could on both sides when installing it. I had to do it alone but i may have missed something. I even loosened and pushed up harder two or three times to make sure it was at the top.

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Oh yea, big update here...not...went to body shop got a quote and just about had a heart attack in the process. 415 dollars i know stuff is expensive but not that bad...

they want

labor 70 a hour for 2 hrs....and im taking the bumper off for them

paint 70 a hour for 2.5 hrs....i have no experince with paint so couldnt tell ya

body supplies at 6 a hour for 2 hrs

paint supplies at 35 a hour for 2.5 hrs


the only part i get really mad at is that im not paying for supplies by the hour, BSER if you read this if i take the bumper off how long should it take to install only the roll pan i dont wanna pay for 2 hrs of install when i think an experinced shop could do this maybe lined up first install in hr/hr and half??? know if i did it it would take atleast 3 hrs to get it lined up cause im super anal, and slow.


If anybody else thinks this is a load of crock let me know. This is way off my first quote a year ago.

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Installing the rollpan is more than just "mounting" the rollpan. After mount it has to be fitted to your truck. BSER left extra material for this reason.


My body shop only charged $260 for removal of my bumper, mount/fit rollpan, paint, mount flip down license plate bracket and I think it looks good. I had already mounted the hidden hitch so they cut the hole in the rollpan too.

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ah true forgot about that but still 415 compared to 260....i already removed the hitch and i will be removing the bumper for them as well... The liscense plate frame im doing is just lighted and flip up or anything.....going to look great when its done just dont wanna pay that much for it.

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