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got bored today


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I gotta be honest. I did nothing to wax it. I went to the car wash today. Granted, I did it by hand. Up close, she's a bit cloudy and needs some Zaino or something to clear the fog. Basically some time and elbow grease. I think the little bit of shade helped make her look good. She does have a good shine, but can look better.


I knew the Sox were on the road (nice loss) today so I thought Fenway would be a decent backdrop. Hell, I live 2 1/2 miles away. TOO MANY TOURISTS today. They were all over the ballpark. I guess if I wanna do it right, I gotta do it early in the AM.


Thanks for the compliments guys. And for any of you that wanna come up here for a game, it is tough, but I do have some connections and MAY be able to work something out. MAYBE!

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should have come with the truck. if you need one i have mine somewhere in the garage im willing to part with. never used it and don't intend to. let me know. its black but of course you could have it painted.

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