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2 Corsa exhaust kits NEW, 5 Cowl hoods NEW, SS Wheels chrome kinda new

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the 2 corsa sports are for ecsb silverado 6.0L 2500hd's new in the box's, i took a chance on them figuring they must be the same except for the head pipe, it looks like i was right and it will bolt up.. i even think the head pipe is fine look at the pics!... the hangers, bends, and everthing is the same as my old exhaust!... i may even keep one my self?.

i'll take $600 local pick-up for the "sport" or the "touring" (the touring is actualy the more expensive system) if you want it shipped i'll only charge actual shipping.

i have 2 "sport's" available now, and 4 "touring's" i'm picking up in a few days.

look around these price's are $200-$400 cheaper then anyplace on the net.


i also picked up a set of 20" chrome SSS wheels that look like they were new and sat on the shelf for a while after i wash the dust off i'll take some pics i'll take $550 + shipping for those sorry i dont have the caps.SORRY THESE ARE SOLD!!


i'm getting 5 cowl hoods for 03-05 brand new in the box, they are made by PLONEX INTERNATIONAL it's the same company that makes the hoods for goodmark.. just without the big name. i posted pics of that below... no shipping on these local pick up, or i'd be willing to meet/deliver in the so-cal area if you pay for gas and time. i may keep one of these hoods if i have any left (i'd need to retrofit the 05 grille though?.


i've also now locked in 3 volant 15153's i can sell those at $250 plus shipping, of course local pick up is free.


i except paypal but please add 3% if using paypal, or postal money orders are ok but i would need it sent overnight mail with a tracking number just so i know it is on its way once i know it has been sent i will reserve your item.

thanks i will be checking my mail frequently.


i'm in victorville ca, any questions let me know.








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if the cowl hoods are Goodmark, i'd be interested in one. if there was any chance for shipping...

not sure on the brand yet.. and i do not want to ship these, but if you pay for all cost incurred and insurance i would think about it (i wont stand responsible for what happens in transit).


sent pm



You wouldn't happen to be selling just the Corsa tips?



no but i'll look into it if you tell me what you want to spend on them?.

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these items won't last long at those prices. Great deals if those hoods are goodmark. :cheers:

thanks and i'm still working on the hoods?


Interesred in one of the hoods after pics are posted,and I am local in so-cal,San Diego

great still trying to get the guy to verify the brand and send the pics.


:withstupid: i'd be interested as well.

remember i do not want to ship them but if you take full responsibility for it and cover all the expenses (gas as well) and set up the shipping so that i would just have to drop it off some where then i guess i would.


intrested also. how are you getting such good deals?

i made a deal with a guy clearing out his old stock, he sells them to me a little bit below invoice which allows me to sell them well below retail and still make some profit while passing along some good savings to you guys. :thumbs:

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i actualy bought one of these hoods in late 05 for my 05 silverado. i never used it since i traded it in for my 06 V-max but it was a very nice hood.. matter of fact i sold it to champion201 he's a member here he posted some pics of it installed on his truck a while back, and it looked realy nice. matter of fact champion201 if you see this feel free to chime in with your thoughts and some pics :thumbs:


i might want use one my self so if anyone wants to swap there white white 03-05 grille to an 06 front end i might trade + some cash for my white 06 grille and hood.. let me know :dunno:

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