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got the bumper on

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looks nice, i also say all red. btw what kind of lights are those??they look reall nice

all the lights on my ss are made by JDM


looks good. Are you going to get the side moldings? I would go red also

no i'm not going to get the cladding because i already have the truck lettered and that isn't cheap to replace.


color matching the grill would look good but i kind of like the chrome grill on that truck because it has small touches of chrome throughout the truck

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paint it all red. and while your at it, paint the fenders red and like they said, color match the grill surround (not the billet just to be exact lol). then id say your next move is some nice wheels :D

the reason i left the flares alone was our company colors are red and black and the boom is black. i had the body shop paint the wheels black for now until i can get some alcoas for it. and by the way your truck is badass man i like the tranny swap, i wouldn't mine putting the new six speed auto in mine, not a big fan of driving a stick all the time, they can be fun though


Here are a couple of chops for you

the second is what i was looking for thanks. helped me decide i'm have it painted all red

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how big of a PITA was it to install the factory SS bumper on your wrecker?

it was a bitch. i had to make 2 spacers three inch spacers and 2 2 1/2 inch spacers for the center bumper brackets. then i drilled 2 holes right above where the bar that mounts to the outside bracket mounted to the frame. i also made some brackets to move my foglights back so they wouldn't hit the vents.

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