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Detroit Area owners


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i went to the motor trend show in baltimore last year and they didn't have a ss there. i was madd they had the SSR and the bel air oh well its going to be back up here next weekend i will stop by there and see whats new.

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Just went to the NAIAS and it was ok. There was a RED SSS, looked good. They had a drop in liner in the thing :confused:


BUT the interesting part is downstairs, the company that makes the SSS??? was there. the guy said that they get the trucks and put all of the goodies on 'em. He said they were devloping more motor. He asked how I like the truck...I told him the standard respones...I love it....BUT the computer could giveup more power, and It sucks to pull next to an HD and not be able to blow his doors off.


he replied, yea we are working on the power levels to get them higher.


Cool. I have too many pics to post



LS2, wow-in vette cut-away :D


side note---The magnum wagon is killing the nomad and it did not even have big rims...yet :jester:

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