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Well I have had my 03 black SS for almost 4 months now! It was a couple days after I bought my truck and I said I wanted to take the truck to the track to see what it would do. My wife said "What are you thinking, you don't even have tags on it yet." I told her that there is nothing like racing a new vehicle and still not having tags on it yet! she didn't understand! **NOT YET**


A couple days went buy and we headed home to Arkansas to tag and insure the truck. **I live in Dallas but also have a home in Fayettville Ar. and its a lot cheaper there** It was late, she was driving, and I was asleep in the passenger seat. I kept thinking to myself in my sleep that there was something wrong, untill she rolled down the window, waking me. I realized she was dragging another SS truck. Her and this blue SS would take off about 60 and race to about 90 and she would let off. I told her if she was going to do it, to do it all the way or not al all, so she let off. A couple miles down the road we pulled over for fuel and iIstarted driving. I now am hell bent on catching up with this mystery blue SS. I do finally catch up and the race was on. Everytime I would pull away pretty hard, not letting off like my wife. he kept holding up a box in the window which I think was a programmer of some sort. We played all the way to Fayetteville where i turned off. I have a couple questions! If this guy did infact have a programmer why did I pull from him so much, did he have it set up wrong??? The next question is, who is this mystery blue SS, are you out there? If so and you are in the Northwest Arkansas area maybe we can meet up and one of the local tracks!! **Now she knows how cool it is to race with out tags**

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