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SS and lifts


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I have an Eagle 7000 lift in my garage just wondering if anyone has used

an auto lift to service their SS? They say the lift would lift 7000 lbs but

the most I have ever lifted is the Grand Cherokee. I had to 'flip' in the mirrors

to drive it on the lift... but then when I decided to lift it... I didn't want to

take the chance of having problems.

Any advise?

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I have a 7000lb Rotary twin post lift in my garage and I have lifted my SS several times with out any problems. The truck weights 5500lbs. That's how I temporarly messed up my cruise control. I thought it would be a good idea to polish my driveshaft by putting the truck in gear with the cruise control on. It worked for about twenty minutes, revving up to 50 and back down to 30 and back up to 50 and so on. Then it just quit working for several days until I had the computer reset. note: don't set the cruise control while on a lift w/o a load.

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