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Drivers Door Help Please!


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Well happy new years to me. My drivers side door lock quit working. My passenger side will unlock/lock to me putting it in Park or Drive, It will work by the door lock switch on the door and it will work by the remote control. My drivers side doesnt wanna work at all but I can lock and unlock it by the key or push the lock to the lock position inside the door. Anyone have a problem like this before? It worked perfectly fine until yesterday. The truck has the factory alarm/security system on it and i havent had anything done to the truck recently that would throw up a flag to this problem. Anyone know please help cuz even though the system is locked i can unlock the door by myself with my key and open the door and the panic wont go off so this an opening to someone who wants to steal my shit though I dont have much the thought of it makes me sick. Please help guys

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Well the locks starting working again today so I don't know. If it does it again ill take it in. thanx guys


Sounds like there could be a loose or bad wire somewhere in the door, still could be a faulty actuator too. :chevy:

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