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Black Powder Coat Step Rails


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one of my sponsors went out of business so i'm selling my step rails and droppign my truck, they're powder coat black and were installed for probably, a few scratches across the bottom, the wont be visible when installed the are Tech tubes brand and i believe they will fit 99-07(classic) extended cabs i'm pretty sure they retailed at $250... I'm in dallas but i can ship them anywhere... PM me if you're interested

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they're kind of in a box in my storage unit, and i'm on the road right now, and all of the pics of my truck are backed up at the office, as soon as i get back to dallas i'll snap some pics of them

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her ya go... freshly cleaned and all, I still have all ofg the original hardware but i used my own to mount them... I dont have the instructions though, but i can write up a step by step if you need them, it's really simple












I have a ton more, and they're all pretty high quality and much much larger, i can e-mail them if you want, sorry about the size, wasnt sure the amount of space allowed for pics in posts

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