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Water In Cab


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With all the rain we have had, I noticed my entire rear window area was wet. All around the edges, and dripping onto the top of my back seat.


I had a guy pull and reinstall the rear window, thinking thats what it was.


Now, I am still leaking, but not so much all around the seal, just mostly in one spot.


I am going to order a new 3rd brake light gasket and silicone the screws this weekend.


I am hoping this isn't related to the factory sunroof!


Anyone else had similar leak or have any input?

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I just recently acquired the same problem...

I took my 3rd brake light out and sealed evrything I could possibly seal.....I saw a couple of small wet spots when I pulled the light, but nothing that would explain the amount of water that came in...

There was alot of water coming in from the 3rd brake area of the rear window(inside)...but my headliner wasn't really wet at all....after I sealed the 3rd brake light, and still had water coming in, I thought it had to be the window....after all, I've had my truck for some time now...and I often bring it to a touchless car wash when I can't hand wash it.....which the carwash is super powerful....never had leaks before....But you saying that you replaced the window has me worried...


It would seem so easy to find a leak...it's gotta be either the window or the 3rd brake light...but now I am definetly confused....


Man, I'm getting sooo tired of this....



I'm so close to dumping this truck...My truck is old(120K'ish)...Turns key like new and I love the truck...AWD...decent power...looks good...But all of these quirks are driving me nuts....

-headlights...high beams are seperate than low beams(fixed with aftermarket relay)

-bulbs/fixtures constantly burn out(some have been fixed by installing LED)

-Alternator is junk

-junk alternator made the already poor battery die

-clunking steering shaft

-front hub bearings

-front diff carrier bearings

-dead cluster servos

-dead cluster lights

-rattling climate fan(above head/head liner)

-MAF(dirty)..Map(broke or something)...TB dirty(???)

-EVAP sucking in water(earlier models)

-ECU learn mode from a battery install(drain/disconnect)

-seat leather cracks, regardless how anal you are about conditioner)

-plastic dash cracks/sucks


Sound familiar?


I'm about to rid of it, and fall victim to diesel as well....They have a sweet looking Regency 2500 sitting at my local dealer(need to look into it)....


Apart from my little rant....the truck has always fired first lick, and never left me stranded...It's been abused and used....But when everyone else is dealing with it, you have to admit, GM needs to pick up their sack a bit...

Back on topic...I hear, what sounds like a soleinoid or a relay clicking under my seat, everytime that the heater turns on/off....BTW...my seat heater turns on for a couple of seconds, then turns off....could it be a simple relay that's burnt up?

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Well, I have not ordered a new factory 3rd light yet, they are like $90. I am thinking about just trying to find a good gasket material for the one i have.


We had a lot of rain again the last 2 days, I put some red tape around the edges of the light, no water in cab.


I did some searching around and found that many are having problems with the onstar and/or XM antennae bases leaking.....now I am concerned about this.

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