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Auto Security Guys, Advice Needed..........

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Ok, so I want to get a really good alarm on my truck before I drop serious money on mods or stereo.


What should I look at doing? Here is what I am thinking right now.....


two batteries in separate locations


Loud, distinct siren


Well hidden alarm "brain"


Kill switch


Shock sensors on the windows


Paging capabilities


I don't want this thing to be easily disabled by a thief, and if someone does want my truck or something in it, it will be a huge pain in the ass or look to be time consuming for the thief. I fully realize if someone really wants the truck they will get it, but I want them to go through hell and back to get it.


So, what do you think of what I listed and what should I add? What could I expect to pay for all that and whatever else, and does anyone know a good, quality, reputable installer in Austin TX? :D

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pretty much the best alarm system out there is the code SRT-9000. make sure and get the tilts sensor for it also. If you want complete disable, hook an I-key with the transponder on the center councle next to you pocket so it disables the neutral saftey switch. this way the computer won't allow the engine to start if they can get past the starter disable in the srt-9000 alarm. tricky and if you wire it professionally and take your time to hide everything in side the factory harness's, it would take a mechanic hours to find the system without you telling them it was there, let alone a theif. Also, don't put any sticker or lights out on the dash as this just makes the car easier to steal to a theif cause they know whats in it and what they have to get arround.

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