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Yet Another Sss Getting Repair Work Done.


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I was coming home from buying a hose clamp for my K&N FIPK. (this is a nightmare in itself and a story for another time) My truck has 2 super 40s on it, so it's loud... PERIOD. I do 25 or less in my neighborhood. I've lived there for 20 years and know there are kids everywhere. This is important later on in the story.


Well I pull into my neighborhood off of the main street and onto a maint artery of the neighborhood. I crest the only hill on this street and see a man walk out in front of me and just stand there about 60 yards away from me. So I apply the brakes and come to a complete stop.


He begins screaming profanity and telling me to get out of the truck. YEAH RIGHT. I slowly motor on my way and he begins slamming my truck with his fists beginning at the hood, then the windshield, then both driver side windows, followed by the bed side and bed rail, then lastly the tailgate. He'd have kept on going I'm sure, but he ran out of truck.


So I go home, about 3 streets away and get out to survey the damage. Yep, there it is... Dent on the bed rail, hand prints all over the place, some scratches etc.


So I am livid now. I back out of the driveway and motor back to where he lives to get his address, as I have just called the police. I park a couple of houses down from his place, as not to antagonize him and wait for the police to arrive.


They do so about 20 minutes later. Both sides of the story are taken. You've heard mine. Well his was, and I quote " I could hear his exhaust, and he musta been doing 80". See above for noisey exhaust.


I police say he said he's very sorry, and will pay for the damages. I say "no shit" (in my head, not out loud) They told me that he could do either A) give me his insurance information, and I could go get estimates and go from there, or B) I could make a formal complaint and he would be arrested for criminal mischief and we would have to go to court and I'm not so sure I would have won to be frank. I also didn't want his kids who were playing in his front yard to see him hand cuffed and taken to jail. I chose option A.


NOW i get to call his insurance company (whom I have never heard of) and get the ball rolling. I'm going for 3 estimates and getting the damage fixed. I guess this idiot didn't realize he was going to get his ass in hot water. I gurantee that he will never do it again!

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