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Along With My Other Post I Have A Mechanical Question


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So, I just got this 04 SS a couple weeks ago. Well the 2nd day I had it I was driving through a parking lot and it just shut off. I was only doin like 5 mph's but it just shut off. So I pulled out to the light and when I went to take off it was dead again. The truck was sitting at the dealership for a few months with an empty tank so I just figured it may have been water in the gas. I ran about 6-7 tanks through it and it ran great for 2 weeks. Then the same thing happened when I was driving across the grocery store parking lot. I was doing under 10 and it just died. fired it up and pulled up to the light and it did it again. It seems like the idle is a little jumpy but aside from that the truck runs great. I contacted the dealership when it happened this second time and its going in on Monday. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the same problem or not.

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