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I am currently looking into buying a TBTC and shift kit. My questions or concerns are that maybe the TBTC wont stall high enough once i get my cam, heads, intake, and tune. Im not looking for a major change in cam, just something better than stock but with good drivability. Also i'm looking to get a fast intake. Would i be wasting my time with the 78 mm? Thanks for the help guys.

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id say unless you put a fairly large cam with some good heads, the fast intake is a waste IMO. i personally like the truck intakes because they tend to make more low end torque, and arent exactly restrictive to most trucks. if you really wanted more airflow, i like using the TBSS or SSR LS2 intake with 90mm TB. that would be ideal.


the TC, i have never been a fan of the TBTC. it was built for a I6 no torque, much lighter SUV. IMO a yank or if you have the $$$ a PI, they are the best. for the cam, id go with an LS6 or LS2 cam if your looking for just a little more power but stock-like qualities.

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I agree about the TBTC, if you are stock then it is nice, but as soon as you want more it will not be the best converter.


cam-there are alot of choices, you dont have to use a GM cam. I think the cam should be specd with the head syou are looking at, any gain will be less if it does not have the supporting mods, you can run a better cam with heads that will flow better. This question is a good starting point but after searchiong you will see it take alot of work to get these combinations to work their best.

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