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I Wanna Paint My Sss

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I am a big fan of two-tone with a contrasting stripe to break up the two colors. I also like flames and pearls are nice too. As far as the colors, that is just personal taste. How about pearl white over black with a red or purple or yellow (or something) stripe along the body line? Don't think I've seen that before. Paint jobs can get expensive so just take your time and make sure it's something that you really like. :D

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Yeah i wanna paint my truck too. I might go whit the color blurple (blueish purpleish) or a really nice silver. Or if i cant figure out whitch one i like ill 2 tone it whit those colors :D . It depends if u want to keep factory colors whitch i think will not be so costly compared to Kandy paint ect. But ima have to wait till next year to spray my truck :confused: .

It depends what u like. maybe some of these

1. silver on bottom. cranberry on top

2. caddy pearl white

3. Blurple <-------love that color i think some montes and other chevys come whit that color or similar.(plus ill be the only on riding this color on an ss. Just hope people don't think its a clone :uhoh: .) END RANT.

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