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Parting 2004 Ss In Md


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How many miles on it... I'm interested in the brake ducts on the front bumper and maybe the front diff if i can find an affordable way to ship it..Oh as well as all the rubber inserts in the center console as mine were ripped off


Thanx Matt

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Trying to keep my PM inbox as empty as possible. Sorry about that!


454Matt: roughly 60k. I have the passenger side brake duct (the silver piece), but not the driver side one (it's cracked). The front diff has already been sold. Which rubber inserts are you referring to?


FFHamptonSS: The front seat head rests? I have them.


Keebler85: Both bumpers are already gone.


ss wrecker: Do you want the doors themselves, or just the interior panels?


SlowSierraSS: I need to look for the floor mats and the ash tray. I'll let you know.


ChevyMan23: The entire center console (the one that extends from the dash to the back of the front seats)? If so, I have it. PMed.


Rays: I don't even want to think about what truck freight for that thing would be :P


Drako: PMed.

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How much for the XM antennae Mast, the cig lighter, stock radio antennae mast, the cover for the key hole on the back bumper next to the license plate and owners manual (mine is trashed), and exhaust (stock, or something nice that isn't flowmasters LOL)? Shipped to 40514.

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