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Low Speed Banging Into Second

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The banging happens because the shift kit removes too much of the 2nd accumulator; my advice use a vette 2nd servo & a billet 4th servo, AFA shift kit if using the transgo kit use only one washer in the 2nd accumulator cup and if that is still too harsh use zero washers. Another item that halps is to get the Superior accumulator exhaust valvetrain (it helps with the Vette servo as well) but is pretty expensive at $40 plus you have to remove the valve body to install it but I found that it did take the edge off my billet servo hit.


Another idea is to use the Superior shift kit, BMan used this + a vette servo in his SSS and increased line pressure by turning the force motor adjust screw 1/8th turn (a little goes a LONG ways) and it was very domesticated on the 2nd shift but still held ok enough IMO.


Mr. P.

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