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Lifted Ss?

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Man every time i have the front of my truck jacked up i look at it and think "damn that would look bad ass lifted" It feels like blasphemy tho....Never goes further than a thought...It just seems like it would be a waste...more practical to clone a regular Silverado and lift it....just my .02

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Someone started a topic on TBSS.com about lifting a tbss and dylan madea a very good point. He said you are basicly taking away the suspension handling/performance plus its very difficult to effectivly lift an awd vehicle and still maintain the same ride. Total wast of $ IMO

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the problem is that i pritty much have my ss silverado sold...

they guy buying it wants to lift it and put mud tires on it!! what ever floats his boat. he would like to see a pic or two before he takes the dive.. thanks


i understand lifting a ss is retarded(i has bested a 7.9 in 1/8 with a 1.73 60 foot) .. lol but my truck has all the power to move some 40's. so thats the direction he wants to go in. :chevy:


thanks ghost pilot for the pics .

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