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Enough Football


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who will win the daytona 500?

i put $20 on Mark Martin in the 8 army car to win at 50/1 odds today :chevy:

i am thinking about Dale Jr he is going off at 25/1

the other hendricks cars 48 & 24 are 7/4 (not worth betting on) they will cheat anyway. :jester:

Michael Waltrip is going off at 100/1 maybe worth a shot.


what is everyone else thinking? honest opinions not just favorite drivers

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I like Football but I LOVE NASCAR!


As far as who's gonna win Daytona, I would like to see JR win it but for some reason I dont think he will. I would also like to see Ryan Newman win it, yes I know he drives a Dodge but he is one hell of a nice guy and a fishing buddy of mine.

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Well, lets think about this...Jr and Jeff Gordon are hands down the best and most consistant restrictor plate drivers currently out there. We all know that Hendricks teams are capeable of winning at Daytona, and Jr was the fastest single car in testing. He wasn't as fast in the draft, but I think we'd all agree that noone knows the draft better or had a better restictor plate teacher than Jr. His crew cheif Tony Eury Jr. said he expects Jr to win 4 races this year. DW said at Homestead that he expects Jr to win 6. The Hendrick organization is at the top of the pecking order in Cup, although I'm not really a fan of Johnson or Gordon. I do believe that Gordon is the most naturally gifted driver to ever run in Nascar, and thats coming from a Sr fan.

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