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Went On A Shopping Spree


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So i finally sold the F-150 that was taking up space in my driveway and bought myself a couple nice thing :D :D :D Cant wait to start the installation this week.



Kenwood DNX7100

2 Kicker 07CVR 12's 2ohm

Kicker SX600.2 2-channel amp

Alpine v12 MRD-M1005 mono amp

O-NEX 6000k HID kit

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sweet man you cant beat kicker...you installin them yourself?


Yup...I've got more than a couple full system installs under my belt and about a year or so experience in a stereo shop....Sadly tho i'm still scared of installing alarms...haha :dunno:

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very nice little pile of stuff u got there and right in time for the G2G. cant wait to see and hear it. :D




Yup i was sweating UPS the whole time hoping it'd get here in time to install for the G2G...Now im just waiting on my harness to get here which is expected tomorrow then it's time to pop it all in.

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Nice choices, you are going to love that Kenwood.


Let me know if you need don't know how to bypass the DVD override :devil:


BTW, do you have a link to where you got those HID's?


If I'm not mistaken i just ground the parking brake...and if i wanna get fancy could integrate a kill switch incase you get caught...Please do let me know if you know of a better way..:)

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