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Comparison 03-04's To 05-06 Ss's


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Well, it's due time for me to get a newer truck and I've been looking at the SS's for awhile. Reguardless I'm getting black but my main concern is the AWD models Vs. the 2WD models, is there a big difference in fuel mileage between the two? What are some of you that own either averaging per tank? What about track times, I know the AWD is better out of the hole for obvious reasons, but is the difference in top end a big margin or is it barely different to spend the extra cash for a newer one. I've been leaning towards the 2wd's but those seem to be harder to find since they only made them for two years.

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these are the basics


2003-2004- AWD, powder coated silver wheels


2005- AWD or RWD, strong 14 bolt rear end ONLY with RWD, better braking system 13"rotors front/drums rear ONLY with RWD, chrome wheels, sun roof option


2006-2007- RWD, strong 14 bolt rear end, better braking system 13"rotors front/drums rear, chrome wheels, sun roof option, power dome HD hood, different front grille


RWD are lighter than AWD



id say get an 2006 :jester:

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I've been looking at a few. I like the 05 Intimidator SS alot just I know thre isn't that many out there for sale at the current moment. So the 05's had the option of AWD or 2WD. Are there any prone problems with the AWDs?


Intimidators are 06 not 05

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I think there are some changes in the DIC also ... something with the way it measured miles or kept track of miles


yep each fob is a driver in the dic and can show different stuff for the key thats used, it also allows you to adjust the seat to the different fobs and the song that was playing on the radio.


I think the also got rid of the inst. fuel economy...wonder why :jester:

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