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Hey guys, Im looking to beef the SS up a bit. Here's what I'm looking for....


1.) Radix Supercharger (Prefered polished but will consider others, will also consider other brands but Radix is preferred)


2.) Headers (Dynatech or Pacesetter Long tubes)


3.) 22" Replicas with good meat on them.


4.) Black Cowl Hood


5.) Black passenger rear door ( Mine is dinged up)


If anyone can help me with any of these things shoot a reply or pm me please! Thanks!

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I have a non polished 112 w/less than 7k miles

Radix stardust 112 intercooled supercharger

90mm j-tube from wcch without label

dual heat exchangers,radix provided and Joe gibbs for the lower

3.2 pulley stock equipped.

speartech harness addapter

oe tach module

ls3 4-bolt 90 mm t/body

currently set up for flex fuel i.e return style with no fuel pump,and no fuel injectors.

In MINT condition complete with all hardware and manuals



the blower


the coolers


Look close and you will see the lower cooler under the license plate

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