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Supercharger Recomendations

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Hey everyone. I am a new SS owner and was wondering which superchargers seem to work the best for these trucks. Please post your opinions



Use the search button. If you look through older posts related to this subject, you will see many people rely on the Radix fom Magnacharger. It is the most complete kit you will find, probably the most daily driver friendly, and can put you into the 500s in hp and tq. I have yet to get one for my Silverado, but many on here have them with nothing but good things to say about it.

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radix is the most complete kit that anybody can install( i installed mine). The radix probably has the best low end power/torque that you can instantly feel but is limited on how much hp you can put down. There are many 12 sec. radix trucks. It is possible to get into the 11's with a radix but expect to do a lot of work to get there, just ask krambo. The vortech is a great SC but will require more experience to install. Chase can tell you all about this SC'er. There are others but they probably don't have a better track record than the 2 I mentioned because of tunning issue and lack of a bolt-on intercooler. when I say track record I'm talking about reliability not runs at the track. The radix is the easiest kit to install and probably tune for IMO. The radix also has more support because more people have these. hope this helps some :cheers:

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whats the opinion on the kenny bell superchargers for the SS??



I do not know of anyone on this board that has use the new configuration. Most say the lack of customer support is a problem. It looks strong.

Go for it and be the first!



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