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Need Wiring Help For Backup Camera- Avic D3

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I already posted this on avic411.com, but theres not much traffic on that site...


I wired up my backup camera today, finally, and it doesnt work. I cant find my installation manual for my D3 so that probably has a lot to do with it.


Heres what I did: camera is mounted on the back bumper, power to camera is hooked up to the 12v wire thats hot when backup lights are on (so it gets power only when im in reverse), camera is grounded to frame, video cable is ran up to the unit and plugged into "rear camera input", and the purple wire for +12v reverse gear signal is hooked up to a wire that I know gets 12v when I put it in reverse. I tested everything and I dont know why it isnt working.


I know the camera works cause I hooked it up to a 12v battery and plugged the video into the TV in my living room...


Am I supposed to have power going to the camera at all times with ignition on?

Is there another wire coming out of the unit I need to hook up?

It doesnt switch to rear camera view when I put it in reverse, and I cant go to "rear view" mode in the menu in nav mode-


What the hell is going on???

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There is a reverse wire from the pioneer harness that is used for both rear view camera's and navigation purposes. often times taping reverse from the break light or such is not sufficient becuse it is a so to speak out-put signal. You need to make sure the reverse wire is taped at the BCM. Can't recall the exact wire it is but it can be located at The12volt.com....good luck let me know if you need anything else

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I tapped that wire in up in the a-pillar to a light green wire that runs up to the rear view mirror for the auto dim feature. I dont exactly know why it gets +12v when its in reverse but I tested it with a miltimeter and it does, and it work fine...

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