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L92 Rails To Return System

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I am going to finish putting together my parts for a GEN iv top end swap. I need a few more parts and wonder how I would get the fuel rails I have with the truck L92 intake to work with the 03 return fuel sytem???


I have been reading posts for days on LS1tech and my head just kind of hurts with it all, but I think it will give decent gains, and probably kick butt if I get that perfect cam. We are a different beast with AWD, 5400lbs and I dont have to go crazy in the RPM's, so alot of the tech info is not applicable to us...


I hope I could run low 13's with this set up?

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I just needed the right words.

And this helps alot b/c it has a pic for me too.

making a list, checking it twice

I have an extra set of 03 fuel rails and have been working on the mod to make the l92 truck intake a bolt on without modifing the fuel lines,will post some picks this week end for you.

since i have the lsx sitting around waiting for the TVS.


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here is what I am thinking: put the filter up near the rails, mount it in the engine bay and keep the stock lines and get a short piece made to run to the rail. I have not popped the hood to look at places to bolt the filter but it seems like it would be better with the reg closer to the rail?


I just test fitted the air box lid to a stock one...and it fits! So I can use the larger MAF w/o modding much. You know that stock look. I need to start a build post and add the pic of the crap I have, was checking and I am closer than I thought...well aside from a cam and fixing the truck as it sits now (converter/springs)

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you know I do. This is the last thing I am working thru before my swap(still need the cam and injectors :) ). DId you use the round or square rails??

Thought you would.Its the 03 round plastic style from my old set-up it has the flex option which has a larger internal orifice on the FPR

my guess is for a larger flow rating. You will need to use the larger(tall)mototron 60#injectors to make this work,due to clearance issues of the larger rails.

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I was hoping to use stubby 42's but am still undecided, looking for the best deal and dont want to over fuel and have any tuning issues. I am hoping to still have the stock L92 truck engine cover to work-stock looking.


I am still thinking about using the vette FPR I got, but dont want to have my fuel lines all over the place.

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