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Headlight Clearing/smoked/colormatching

Tyler's Touch

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I'm reposting this since the other thread was full and not up to par :)



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I'm offering complete headlight clearing, smoked reflectors, or colormatched reflectors. I've been doing this a while, and just wanted to extend the service to fellow chevy drivers. I'm only doing 03-06 headlights for the silverados, the GMC lights are tougher to do IMO and dont come out as well. I will remove the orange,smoke it, or color it for you and re-seal the headlight perfectly. Prices as follows:Prices are fair I believe due to buying a new light or aftermarket is 3X the price of me doing this for you.


135.00 - Cleared & Re-Sealed


150.00 - Smoked (NiteShades) or Factory Color-Match


The only thing I ask is you pay shipping to me, and from me. I've had a couple issues with people who "have friends" in the or some labels they acquired, and it ends up being double the shipping they paid for me to send them back.

Shipping ZIP Code : 03865



As I do not have an extra set right now, this probably will only work for people who store their trucks or have them for weekends only. The lights will be worked on, and returned as fast as possible. I only ask for adequate time to have them dry and seal correctly as I dont want any issues later on. If I recieve them on a Monday, they would be shipped out on that Wednesday, no matter what the task Im doing on them. PM me or post if interested! Heres my set-


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i will be going away working in the bahamas for a month or so. in that time period, i want to sent you my headlights to get the clear amber tinted black to match. i will let you know when this is happening and we'll see what we can work out.

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ya tyler i would love to see a set tinited. i just need the bottom ones done i just got new headlights. also could you just paint the amber in the lights or do you just remove it?(the lower lights, turn signals??) i also have a old set of clear lights i wouldnt mind seeing being tinited....let us know. and i will also look around for a spare set of lights if you want me too.


edit*-i see the pics now, but could you tint the entire light???

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thanks man...i just purchased all four lights brand new for $150 off of ebay so i can keep my stockers, as soon as they show up im sending them out to you.



Sounds good!




@Kyle, I dont wanna get into tinting the whole lens sorry, I just do the amber piece or remove it!

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