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Flt & Huntington Transmissions

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I had my recently aquired trans mods installed this past week. My SSS is like a totally different truck now. She shifts so hard and so quick into 2nd at WOT that she chirps the tires :P . Kudos to Vince and Chuck at FLT(Finish Line Transmissions) for all their advise/knowledge and for getting me the right parts for my truck quickly. Thanks to Charlie Wheatley for another awesome upgrade to my tune, Charlie you are the man! :thumbs: I also want to thank Justin LoPalo at Huntington Transmissions in Huntington Station, NY and his builder Tommy. Not only do these guys come through everytime for my fleet at work, but they did a kick ass job on my converter and shift kit too. :cheers: They even found the reason for my intermittent 2nd gear hangup while the trans was on the bench, an intermittent B shift solenoid and a burnt 2-4 band. If you are looking to upgrade your tranny you shouldn't look any further than FLT, Charlie Wheatley for a tune, and if you are in the NY area and need a great trans shop, then Huntington should be it. :chevy:



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