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Check Engine Light Help


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here are the codes:

P0131 O2 bank 1 sensor 1

P0137 O2 bank 1 sensor 2

P0151 O2 bank 2 sensor 1

P0157 O2 bank 2 sensor 2

P0110 Mas Air


all for of the O2 codes were in there twice. i called the dealership and they told me the Maf had been replaced right before i bought it, around August.

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Your truck must be contagious man mine just gave me a engine light. Took it to the zone and they said O2 sensors 1,2,and 3 all are giving error codes. Any update on your issue would like to know what fixed it. Ive only got 11k on mine and for 3 O2 sensors to go out at once is kinda shady.

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i recieved the diagrams and i just havent had time to check the ground out yet,ive had my kids for a couple of weeks(shitty baby momma, a whole nother story). hopefully monday ill get a chance at work to check it out. for anyone else who has this problem i received some diagrams from a member here that i would be more than happy to pass on. ill post back if the ground fixxed the problem.

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