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Front End: Popping/grinding

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Occasionally with the wheel cranked to either the left or right when backing up mainly the tires feel like there bouncing up and down over smooth pavement with a grinding/popping noise to go along with it. Also happens sometimes when Im pulling out of a parking spot and have to have the wheel cranked to get out. AWD bad?

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sounds like bad CV joints/boots :chevy:


Figured.. happened in a 98' Bravada AWD I use to beat up.. cost like 800+$ to fix; apparently I have bad luck with AWD vehicles. Good thing warranty will cover this.

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Im a bit late chiming in, but we never heard if you solved this.. check the front wheel beiring hub assembly. mine sounded just like that and thats what it was. 144 bucks each at advanced auto parts.

put the truck up on the jack, if the wheel can wobble whatsoever.. its a good sign thats probably what the issue is.

its not a HUGE expense to replace that, but its a time consuming job cuz that parts a pain in the neck to get out, at least mine was.

so 300 bucks to replace both in the front, but man, it DOES make a difference in the handling of the truck , let me tell ya!

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