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How Much Horsepower Do You Think I Have?


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ok guys these are the mods i got, but i dont have an awd dyno with a long enough wheel base. so what do you guys think with all these mods???



Modifications to 2003 Silverado SS:


1. Air Raid Cold Air Intake with custom ram air (it’s a piece of crap) With throttle body spacer.


2. True Dual Exhaust with twin flowmasters


3. Long Tube Dynatech headers, tried to wrap them myself, with high flow cats.


4. Corvette lingenfelter GT2-3 Camshaft 350-383-427 207/220 .571/.578 , 1.7 rocker 118.5CL with ls6 valve springs


5. Yank Truck thruster 3000 torque converter 4L60E/4L65E with Zippy shift kit 4L60E/65E/70E Zippy Kit Shift Kit. Cost is 250.00 including shipping. Includes: Valve body recalibration kit, Billet Super Servo, Billet 4th gear servo, Sonnax .490 o'ringed boost valve, and AC Delco valve body gaskets. (You guys installed this)


6. 180 degree performance thermostat


7. Sleeved Taylor performance sparkplug wires


8. Pcmforless tune, that removed governor and shifts better



So how much you guys thinkin i have?

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The only power adders you listed that matter are the cold air intake, cam, headers and dual exhaust. My sources say 12 HP for the cold air intake, 20 on the cam and around 15-20 on the exhaust. The tune is probably worth around 20 or so, but is worth it's weight in gold for drivability. The converter and trans work helps there too as well as E.T.'s but not overall Gross HP.


Total my quess is around 65-75 HP on the motor. Probably added around 40 HP at the wheels. A decent return for your investment. If you want to make a improvement of the ET or 1/4 mile times take out all the seats, remove the bed and tailgate and lose the spare! lol..

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