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What Are You Guys Using To Detail Your Interior

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I was just wondering what everyone was using to detail there interior and make it all nice and shiny. I tried Maguires quick interior detailer and i was not impressed at all. I have used lemon pledge and it seems to give it a good shine and i know it can protect it. My dad's 69 chevelle still has the original dash and some other original interior and he use to soak that thing in lemon pledge ever sine he got it brand new the day he tured 16. So what do you guys think is the best?


Also what do you guys use to clean the leather seats?

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Meguiars quik detailer and thats it. Aside from some cleaners I do not "coat" my interior wioth products.

Zaino for leather and stoner invisible glass for windows. Carpet cleaners and a stiff brush for the mats and carpet and a shop vac :)

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windows - Stoner Invisible Glass and a microfiber towel

dash & plastics - Meguire's Gold Class Protectant Wipes and a microfiber towel

leather - Meguire's Gold Class Rich Leather Wipes and a microfiber towel

carpets - Shop Vac



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try using "trim care" you can get it at any auto store. we use it at the shop to get compound of of the exterior trim pieces. so i gave it a shot on my interior man it worked great. it leaves a shine which i dont like so after wiping down with the trim care i come back again with a dry cloth and wipe it down again to dull down the shine. also works great for getting wax off of the mirrors and cowl. also on my old jeep that i two toned, my interior was very dirty and i wanted to freshen up so here what i did. first use greased lightning it leaves a residue so i used purple power to get it off then trim care. it made my interior look almost new, i mean a huge improvement. using the purple power without the greased lightning didnt clean as well. anyway worked great for me.

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Most important thing to consider when choosing an interior dressing/protectant is if its water based. Anything that uses silicone or alcohol will actually do more harm than good.


My personal favorite for plastic/vinyl/etc. is Adams VRT... the stuff just leave a nice clean semi-gloss finish w/ zero greasy residue and its water based. For over the counter products theres always Black Magics interior protectant... it is water based and includes plasticizers (the chemicals that keep plastics flexible during manufacturing) It leaves a more greasy finish IMO, but it does offer great protection.


For the nooks and crannies that you can't reach with an applicator I use Adams In & Out Spray... essentially an aerosol version of their VRT. Great for getting inside your AC vents and places like that.


VRT on the TBSS... note the nice even matte finish:




For leather I use Adams leather conditioner, but to be honest theres not much difference in leather products. Also consider that the leather in these trucks is coated from the factory with a clear protective layer the leather product never even reaches the leather... I use leather conditioners more for the smell than the result. To clean HEAVILY soiled leather a mixture of water and woolite in a spray bottle does the trick and is 100% safe... just follow up with conditioner to return the glow/shine. Thats the combo I used on Chases Camaro and the results speak for themselves.


Test Spot:




Finished Product:



Carpets I use a Bissel LGM hot water extractor for heavy stains, for light cleanup and pretreating you can use Folex or Blue Magic Carpet Spray.

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I Love my Swiffer Duster, I use it all the time. The wife thinks I'm a little anal because of my Swiffer Obsesion


.... along with that, I use ZEP Glass Cleaner (blue can, yellow top) on all the dash and plastic, along with the glass. That is all I use, no slimmy residue left behind ....

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