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Gran Turismo 5


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I ust checked the car list for the next gran turismo game which is comming out soon and the Silverado SS regular cab 03', the 2005 silverado ss, and other silverados are on the list. looks like ill be purchasing a PS3 soon.


bad ass! I'll probably buy the console and the game just so i can drive my truck when i'm not actually driving it. :lol:


did you notice if there was an el Camino on there?

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Looks like ill be making a trip to Circuit City when the game comes out, hopefully the price of PS3 drops by then. :uhoh::chevy:

i got a ps3 back in november after they dropped the price to $499 for the 80gb model ($399 for 20gb). everyone complains about the price of the ps3's but considering you get a blue-ray dvd player built in it's actualy a good deal, with x-box you have to buy a hd-dvd add-on unit for like $200. and blue ray is winning the battle on that market.. microsoft is even considering adding a blue-ray player add-on for the x-box if the hd-dvd lose's more of its support?. and if your not worried about backwards compatibility with ps2 games, you could get the 20gb ps3 for $399 do the research and you'll see that for an $100 more the 80gb model is well worth the extra money (a lot more features).


Will it come out on other systems? I sold the PS3.

nope, it's a ps3 only title.


i personaly couldn't wait for it to come out.. now that i know our trucks our in the game, it'll be that much better! :drool:

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