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Cobra (not Good)

Chevrolet SS

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so headed home last night, about 2am im on cruse at like 65mph for a long drive.. right next to like a 04ish cobrra with some bolt on's (ovioiusly exhaust looked like 3") there is like no one else on the road and we catch the ONLY redlight in the area. Oviously its on neither of us reved but, it just had to be we both leave on green and he hits the gas pretty good... so then i matt out the SS and leave him pretty good i had him BEAT for a good 200ft (surprised the HELL out of me) then all I hear is LOTS of blower wine, and tire spin and he goes by me pretty good :) Ive seen the guy around before, he has always had fast fords... I knew I was gonna get beat.... but it was all fun anyways.

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