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Factory Xm Radio ?

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The XM antenna is just for XM. You also have a standard AM/FM mast on your vehicle. Your factory XM reciever is a separate unit behind the glove box. The XM antenna goes there, while the AM/FM mast goes to the back of the radio. You may or may not need a GM antenna plug adaptor.

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if you are asking if the factory xm antenna can be used with an aftermarket xm tuner, the answer is yes. as for an adaptor, nothing available. you will have to cut the end off the xm tuner for the alpine and solder it to the factory end. it is just coax cable. on a side note, you can also use that factory antenna for sirius satellite radio if you want as well. easy to do and if you dont feel comfortable doin this, take it to a decent install shop and they should be more than confident in taking on this task.


Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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