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4l80e Swap Throughs Out Driveshaft Alinement?

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liek is says in the title i was wondering if the 4l80e swap would through out the driveshaft alinement? the tranny is longer and requires an shorter drivesaft. the reason i ask this is becasue at 140 km/hr i get a vibration which i never got before. the truck has stock ride hight and the tires were rebalanced. so i duno maybe if i lowered the truck it would set things right? tell me if im wrong or if there is a way to tell what it could be

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how much shorter is the drive shaft? if it's a inch or so, it should not be much of a issue. when i had my rear end replaced there was a vibration that was not there before also. dealer took the drive shaft off the rear and rotated it 180* and reinstalled it and it went away. :confused: so you could try that first..


good luck



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