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Got Lots Of Time All Of A Sudden...


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So I had my surgeory in aug. and that set me back a bit financially so I haven't had much time to check the site out, let alone spend extra money on my truck. That is until Jan 7, my right leg was smashed between an s-10 bumper and cinderblock wall... :cry:


fractured my fibia, but also had compartment syndrome, basically your body builds pressure where the crush trauma occurred and starts cutting off circulation... They stuck a 4-5" needle in my calf like a human tire pressure gauge and figured out it was twice the limit! The fix is a surgeory called a fasciotomy(sp?)... basically two big ass cuts in my leg to relieve the pressure... Then hooked up to a vacuum to suck all the fluid out. Here's some pics...





Since then the vacuum has come of and they're starting to heal... finally putting like 10-25 lbs of pressure on it






Thank god for medicine like percocet and dilaudid(12 x's stronger than morphine!!!) :chillpill::sigh::sleep:

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