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Local Trade-in @ Dealership I Work @.

Bad Bowtie

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:chevy: I noticed we had this SSS truck Friday. It has a single Flowmaster muffler with the stock exit tailpipe and a polished K&N air intake kit. She looked like a pretty clean and well taken care of truck. It HAD a GM drop in bedliner that was pretty scuffed up so the dealer added a new aftermarket one. It has a billet fuel door, stuck on dual hood scoops, and the tires looked fairly new. Here is a link: http://pattersonauto.com/Preowned-Inventor...toryId=22954613 Edited by Bad Bowtie (see edit history)
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The price is what I don't know. Try emailing them? I'm a parts guy at one of the dealership's body shops, so I'm not over at the main store (where the SS is now at). Let me know if I can help....

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whats with people and them dumb stick on hood scoops?



i cant understand why they do that $h!t. And the pinstripes would HAVE to go! :nono::nono::nono::idiot:


:withstupid: they get those hood scoops cause they're cheap. the pinstripes $ chrome gas cap would have ta go too.

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