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Worst Nightmare.


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Totally agree Zippy. Unbelievable. :eek:


One more reason I do all of my own work on my cars and trucks. :nonod:



I can see putting some miles on a car depending on what kind of work is being done. Test drives, dyno time, ect., but under zero circumstances do you let an employee joy ride in a customer's car. Still, if something happens to it, you fix/pay for it in full. Period. End of story.

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:mad: I would be in jail for 2 counts of murder if I were in his shoes. How do you justify taking someones car home for the weekend without their permission? That's :icon_bs: if you ask me. I would own the shop owner, his family, his business, and every possesion that belongs to him. The same goes with the technician. If I came to pick my vehicle and it had over 500 miles put on it, you would have to peel me off the ceiling with a shovel! :nono::nonod:
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...One more reason I do all of my own work on my cars and trucks. :nonod:

:withstupid: Each time I have taken the SSS to the dealer it has suffered additional damage, three times. Bunch of f'n ass clowns.


WOW jjust WOW I dont get somepeople and how they sleep at night after screwing people over like that.

Nightmares like this usually happen because there is a bit of fault on everyone's part. I read the thread and it is largely not a totally accurate portrayal of the entire situation, because there is a lot of red paint on everyone's part in the story. The fault of the business owner is that he decided to take a risk and operate an auto repair business without appropriate coverage; in the end I am sure that he will loose everything he owns including his home. The fault of the hired mechanic is that he thought he could do whatever he wanted to with a customer's car while in his care. The fault of the car owner is that they never checked to make sure that the business in fact was covered for this type of situation. Bad all the way around. Brad I think that you and I are in the same mindset here, we own project vehicles that every day are getting harder and more expensive (almost impossible) to restore if seriously damaged and more & more what is on my mind is the integrity of the people I work with and if they have the resources in place to make things right when something is screwed-up.


And, as far as the behavior of the business owner in not responding timely to criticism - I think the business owner in this case knows he's totally responsible and liable in the case, and he never said that he would welch out. But his behavior says to me not that he's a crook or is stalling but rather shows the very simple fact that he does not have the capability to just write a check for $60K and he's trying to find a way to make it right without loosing his entire life. But we 'adults' here know that is not going to happen, he's going straight to bankruptcy because it will only take an attorney 5-minutes to overturn any corporate protections (his Inc. was a shell corp) and somebody will sell his house to restore a car to the customer and pay attorney's fees. I am sure the Vette owner is sick about the car but the poor schmuck who operated the business is probably borderline suicidal because the life he used to know is now over.


A good businessman is considerate of the other party - he makes sure that no matter what happens in his dealings they are covered; this was not the case here. :shakehead:


Mr. P.

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